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GO Airport Shuttle Connecticut Private Car Service Luggage Rules

GO Connecticut allows one (1) checked baggage (standard size) and one (1) carry-on and one (1) smaller personal item per passenger (size, weight and vehicle limitations apply) on our Shared Service vehicles. See Vehicle Baggage Limitations below for our Private Services.


  • Standard checked baggage: Maximum size is 62 inches (158cm) (length + width + height) per checked piece. Maximum weight is 50 pounds (23kg) per piece
  • Standard carry-on: Maximum size is 45 inches (115cm) (length + width + height) per carry-on.
  • Standard Personal item: purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or laptops (case included).


  • Excess standard baggage (max of 1 additional per passenger): $15 charge
  • Excess carry-on (max of 1 additional per passenger): $8 charge
  • Oversized baggage (Customer must call): $30 charge per item in excess of 62 inches but not more than 80 inches.
  • Overweight items (Customer must call): $30 charge per item from 50 to 80 pounds.
  • Unusual items (Customer must call): $30 charge per item.
(Customer must assist driver in loading of all oversized, overweight and unusual items)


  • Shared Service: No more than 3 pieces combined standard and carry-on
  • Private Cars: No more than 4 pieces combined standard and carry-on
  • Private SUVs: No more than 6 pieces combined standard and carry-on
  • Exclusive Vans: No more than 12 pieces combined standard and carry-on without prior approval.

All unusual, overweight and oversized items require prior approval. Please call 1-203-891-1280.


If you are traveling with any item that is not considered standard baggage such as boxes, golf bags, skis, bicycles, childcare equipment etc. please call us for more information. GO Connecticut reserves the right to decline to transport any unusual item not identified and approved prior to pickup. Please contact our Call Center at 203-891-1280 to discuss your needs.


Fully trained service dogs may ride in all our service vehicles. Under the ADA, a service animal is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person's disability.

Please note emotional support animals, and comfort animals may travel as “pets” only, not as service animals. “Pets” may only ride in Private Cars, SUVs and Exclusive Vans by prior arrangement. “Pets” are not permitted on our Shared Services.